Real Estate Services

Contact me with all your real estate needs, I have the market knowledge, resources, and result-driven approach to exceed expectations.


Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a hotel, bar/restaurant, an apartment or apartment building, a store, or a regional shopping mall, I can assist you!

Hospitality Services

As a wine and liquor distributor, I proudly represent globally iconic brands from renowned wineries and distilleries. I have the pleasure of working with both corporate restaurant chains and local small businesses ranging from neighborhood dive bars to Michelin-rated fine dining restaurants across New York  City.


I am committed to providing exceptional products and superior customer service.Let’s collaborate on identifying your ideal commercial real estate location within the hospitality industry. Together, we’ll strategize to develop profitable food, beverage, and marketing programs tailored to your unique needs.


Whether you’re seeking a new location or seeking to enhance your existing establishment, I’m here to guide you toward success in the competitive hospitality landscape.

Whether you're gearing up for match day or simply expressing your love for the sport, promises quality, style, and an unyielding devotion to the world's greatest game. Join us in embracing the excitement, camaraderie, and thrill of soccer, right here at our online store.
Inventory Optimization

As an AGR partner, I empower businesses with the premier inventory management and forecasting platform, to eliminate uncertainty and enhance inventory control using predictive analytics. Discover this game-changing solution for precise projections and automated decision making, ensuring the right inventory levels for optimal stock management.

Helping Others

Whether in my personal or professional endeavors, I am dedicated to contributing to charitable causes. My focus extends to various issues that have impacted my family and community deeply. From advocating for local artists to organizing food drives, volunteering, fundraising, and aiding small businesses, every action I take is a step toward making a positive difference.

I’m a seasoned Real Estate and Hospitality professional with a broad background in marketing, sales, design, development, and management. I approach each project with equal passion and a result-driven approach.