Real Estate Services

Contact me with all your real estate needs, I have the market knowledge, resources and result-driven approach exceeding your expectations.


Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a hotel, bar/restaurant, an apartment or apartment building, a store or a regional shopping mall, I can assist you!

Hospitality Services

I represent iconic wineries and distilleries as a wine & liquor distributor to bars, restaurants, and nightclubs all over New York City. From the neighborhood dive bar to Michelin rated fine dining restaurants.


Let’s find your next location and build profitable food, beverage, and marketing programs. Or let’s review your current business and identify inefficiencies and opportunities to grow with a creative turnaround program.

Helping Others

Everything I do in both in my personal and professional life contributes to my charitable efforts. Various causes have affected my family and community, and have my attention. From supporting local artists to delivering food relief, there’s no better joy. The best part of the most challenging year in our lifetime [ 2020 ], was when I was out on the streets helping my neighbors.

I’m a seasoned Real Estate and Hospitality professional with a broad background in marketing, sales, design, development, and management. I approach each project with equal passion and a result-driven approach.