Hospitality Services

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As an active wine & liquor distributor throughout New York City, I know how to build bars and beverage programs. From fine-dining, Michelin rated restaurants to local bars and highly successful pioneers of foodie markets like Smorgasburg.


Are you looking to OPEN a Bar or Restaurant?

It looks easy, it looks like fun, but it’s not. It’s a full-time all-the-time lifestyle commitment. Your goal must be to create a niche, find that void and fill it with consistent quality, service, and branding. You’ll not only need relentless determination, but you’ll also need experience, local experience. This is to ensure you don’t lose your investment and those of your partner/investors and the staff.  I’m a licensed real estate broker! I’ll canvas the target markets to make sure we are aware of every available space. If we see something we like that’s not “on the market”, you never know – maybe I’ll make an offer they can’t refuse.


  • Business plan and concept development
  • Site selection
  • Design & Build
  • Food & Beverage Program 
  • Implementation
  • Launch & Execution

Are you looking to BUY Real Estate?

As the buyer’s agent, I seek out target specific assets pursuant to your acquisition criteria. Using my extensive industry relationships, I tend to seek “off-market deals” to avoid the typical bidding wars. I craft favorable offers where both sides are satisfied. It must be a win-win for both parties.


Are you looking to SELL your business?

Understanding the revenue streams, the services and or products, the customer base, the marketing efforts and the assets or FFE, is critical to a successful offering. Bars, Restaurants, Hotels, Motels, specialty venues, that’s my area focus. Let’s create a customized marketing strategy that can be discrete or generate wide exposure publicly. Ultimately, I strive to achieve the best terms and conditions and optimal price for you.


Looking to rent space?

Any real estate broker can find a vacant retail or commercial space, but I’m not a rookie. You get many years of closed deals, relationships and determination to exceed your expectations. I canvass the market and seek the best location without wasting your time, I get it. I will assist you in every stage of the process, from site selection, lease negotiations to architectural, design and build outs.