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I’m all about doing real estate deals, representing iconic global brands, working with bars & restaurants and helping others. I’ve been in the real estate game my whole life as a third generation owner/operator and broker. Its been a fun ride as a seasoned executive with over 21 years of entrepreneurial and corporate experience in real estate investments and business management. My path allowed me to obtain a broad background in development, construction, asset management, leasing, and brokerage, using unique marketing methods to heighten marketplace presence and exposure. I developed and initiated business growth opportunities and penetration strategies resulting in over $200 million of transactional experience. Analyze costs and competitive situations to establish budget structures and assures optimal performance.


A hands-on, dedicated motivator who thrives in multi-faceted environments involving various property types, trades, and agencies. A managing principal simultaneously overseeing multiple projects with full profit and loss responsibility including in-depth due-diligence investigations. Recruited and directed the expertise of both project teams and internal personnel, including managerial, professional, technical and support personnel. Conducted group and individual training sessions, formulated and executed policies and procedures. Performed site selections, purchased equipment and monitored the work of all contractors and tradesmen for quality assurance.As a seasoned professional with a broad background, I take on each project with equal passion and a result-driven approach.

A few years ago I got into the booze business on the wine and liquor distribution side of the hospitality business. I’m having great success building brands and established key industry contacts. I enjoy working with legendary distilleries and winery’s from all over the world and distribute iconic brands to bars and restaurants all over New York City. A big part of what I do is work with entrepreneur’s to grow their businesses with creative and effective beverage programs.


Spending time with my family, traveling and helping others with my charity efforts and volunteer work is my mission.


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