Ralph Trionfo

I have always enjoyed music, dancing, food and an appreciation for service and a good time. At a very young age, I was often in most of the legendary clubs mainly in NYC and Miami including The Garage, Studio54, The fun house, palladium, 1018, Copacabana, etc. So, all that time on the dance floor understanding what it takes to move a crowd and have them coming back is paying off.


Currently, I oversee high volume, high profile venues throughout New York City. As a wine and liquor consultant with a major distributor that represents most major brands you’ll see at any bar and restaurant, I help owners grow their business. I develop beverage programs and concepts that engage the consumer and enhances their experience. Over the years I’ve built key relationships within the wine and liquor industry that I utilize to create long-term partnerships. These globally iconic wineries and distilleries offer a resource for operators in reducing costs and engaging the target consumers with effective promotional events and programs. Whether it’s a fine dining Michelin rated restaurant, a nightclub, or a local dive-bar, I give the same attention to each relationship and always strive to exceed expectations. With over 150 bars & restaurants I’m always creating strategies to develop and expand new revenue streams.



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