Ralph Trionfo


As a teenager hanging out with older friends, I got to experience New York City nightlife in the nineteen eighties.  Walking onto so many dancefloors over the years in NYC, Miami is the foundation of my hospitality experiences.


A busy fine dinning Peruvian restaurant in Jackson Heights, Queens was my first job. Folding napkins and pouring water became my thing at fifteen years old.  A couple years later The Ritz Carlton brought me into work with guests and the kitchen.


Currently, I work closely with high-volume, high-profile bars and restaurants throughout New York City. As a wine and liquor consultant with a major distributor that represents most major brands you’ll see at any bar, covering an industry leader and extensive portfolio of icon brands of both wine and spirits. Building brands and introducing new innovations to the marketplace is another thing I do.


Over the years I’ve built key relationships within the wine and liquor industry that I utilize to create long-term partnerships. These globally iconic wineries and distilleries offer a resource for operators in reducing costs and engaging the target consumers with effective promotional events and programs.



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