Ralph Trionfo


Early in my life, the essence of “Hospitality” and the art of crafting unforgettable guest experiences began to take root in the vibrant cities of New York City and Miami. It all started with my inaugural position at a bustling, upscale Peruvian restaurant located in the lively neighborhood of Jackson Heights, Queens. At just sixteen years old, I found myself immersed in the world of fine dining, quickly embracing responsibilities such as expertly folding napkins and gracefully pouring water, marking the commencement of my journey in the hospitality industry.



Thereafter, The Ritz Carlton Hotel hired me to work with the Food & Beverage team in Manhattan. When I wasn’t working the night shift at the hotel, I could be found on legendary dance floors like Studio54, The Funhouse, and The Copacabana. Providing superior customer service to all guests all the time is the essence of hospitality.

I work closely with high-volume, high-profile bars and restaurants throughout New York City. As a wine and liquor consultant with a major distributor that represents most major brands, you’ll see at any bar, covering an extensive portfolio of icon brands of both wine and spirits. Building brands and introducing innovations to the marketplace is another thing I do.


Over the years I’ve built key relationships within the wine and liquor industry that I utilize to create long-term partnerships. These globally iconic wineries and distilleries offer a resource for operators to reduce costs and engage the target consumers with effective promotional events and programs.



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