Greenpoint, Brooklyn – design & build of loft showroom/workshop

About This Project

Ralph J Trionfo: Principal


As the principal of a high-end couture women’s clothing company, I designed and built a new loft to accommodate many uses simultaneously with efficient flow and light. The concept was to convert the raw open industrial space into separate work area’s that flowed into one. For a fashion designer with an international clientele, the ambiance was a key factor in designing the space while merging a showroom with a workshop. The space needed minor demolition, partitions, all new electric service, lighting, renovated floors, HVAC, alarm, phones, cable, windows, etc. The concept was simple, to create a private welcoming, pleasant, and sophisticated environment for the staff and for our distinguished clients.


greenpint loft

The loft also needed to have design considerations to accommodate a showroom with fitting rooms, production area for 10 employees, cutting area, shipping/receiving area, packaging area, storage area and offices. As a pioneer in the now “HOT AND HIP” Greenpoint section of Brooklyn, it wasn’t without its challenges. At the time venturing into the Brooklyn let along Greenpoinpoint was a dreadful task for staff and clients. Now it’s a thriving destination for both residents and hip entrepreneurs.


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