NYC Community Unites Against Food Insecurity

Darion Mendez, Ralph Trionfo, Michael Faquay, Loycent Gordon

06 May NYC Community Unites Against Food Insecurity

In a heartwarming display of community solidarity, Ralph Trionfo recently dedicated his time to a community outreach program aimed at alleviating food insecurity in Queens. The event, hosted by the First Baptist Church of NYC in East Elmhurst was sponsored by the local non-profit Queens Together. The organizers brought together residents, local restaurants, and volunteers like Trionfo to distribute hot meals and essential groceries to those in need. As a dedicated member of the community, Trionfo actively collaborates with Queens Together, showcasing his commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of his neighbors.

Darion Mendez, Ralph Trionfo, Michael Faquay, Loycent Gordon

Darion Mendez of Juquila, Ralph Trionfo of Hi5.NYC, Michael Faquay of the Queensboro, and Loycent Gordon of Neir’s Tavern

The well-organized event not only provided vital resources to those facing food insecurity but also fostered a sense of unity among participants. The support of local restaurants added a special touch, highlighting the power of collaboration within the community.

Notably, the event drew the attention of New York City Mayor Eric Adams, who attended and praised everyone involved for their dedication to addressing food insecurity and caring for their neighbors. Trionfo’s involvement in such initiatives exemplifies the spirit of community service, proving that individuals like him can make a significant difference by coming together to support one another during challenging times. As we celebrate these acts of kindness, it’s a reminder that united communities have the strength to overcome adversity and create a brighter future for all.

Community volunteers at food distribution event

Community volunteers in action at local food distribution event

New York City Mayor Adams & Ralph Trionfo

NYC Mayor Eric Adams & Ralph Trionfo