Barbados – #1 destination in the world for total satisfaction

21 Mar Barbados – #1 destination in the world for total satisfaction

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As I share this post (basically to boast) we have another major winter storm dumping freezing rain and up to a foot of snow throughout the NorthEast today. The calendar says it’s the first day of Spring, but the blizzard conditions and closed schools contradict that. 

Crane Beach

Having roots in Barbados has always been a source of pride for me, which is why I’m sharing this article. My mother was raised on the small West Indies Island after relocating there from the Dominican Republic as a child with her parents. After several years in NYC, she retired there several years ago wisely escaping the winters of NYC. Needless to say, visiting mom was always a good idea. We both enjoy island life, the sunshine, and the ocean. It’s bittersweet that she’s now in Miami, the good news is that she’s closer. Oh but let’s not forget the food, music, friendly locals and especially the powdery white sand beaches and stunning turquoise waters that according to the poll mentioned in the article above, make Barbados the top destination in the world for total satisfaction for travelers. Aside from the island being paradise I have awesome family and friends there which makes Barbados an annual destination for me.

Mount Gay

Mount Gay Distillery

My grandfather who was Bajan moved back to the island from The Dominican Republic in 1957 to work on the sugar cane plantations producing the molasses used to make rum. As a wine & liquor distributor in New York City, I sell various rums. I especially enjoy representing Mount Gay Rum from the worlds oldest rum distillery in operation since 1703. It’s very interesting how unintentionally that connection developed decades later.

Barbados Sugar Cane

Sugar Cane Feilds

Each time I go to Barbados, I explore a different area (only 60 miles long and 14 miles wide), you could drive around the perimeter in one day.  I’ve ridden the local bus with the locals and watched the school kids be kids while scooping up my little cousins from school. It’s always been important to me wherever we go to eat where the locals go for breakfast or lunch in search of that authentic Bajan meal. Then again the legendary fish market in Oistins is a must while in Barbados and actually, I don’t mind the tourist at all, the food is banging!.

My two favorite places on the island are very well known and very different vibes. On the East coast, I enjoy a day at The Crane, an elegant oceanfront complex with residences, timeshares, spa, pools, and restaurants located on a cliff. Everything about the crane is beautiful, including the spacious apartments detailed in limestone with tall ceilings and sophisticated finishes.  The Crane situated on the East Coast of the island is away from the traffic and busier areas of the island, which is really nice. Then you’ll often find me “liming” at the cruising club in Bridgetown. The vibe is chill and family friendly – its a must for me whenever I’m in town. My family lives within walking distance and have been members for a long time, it’s very casual, lots of water activities, music, food, and drinks all right there. And the spectacular sunsets are always free! Another must while at the cruising club is just next door, getting a fresh fish cutter at Cuz’s Fish Shack. Imagine a thick fish steak perfectly seasoned in a soft bun with cheese, a slice of tomato and an egg. Try it, you’ll thank me!

Family fun at the Cruising Club


This article reaffirms why I’ve always been a huge fan of Barbados and I’ve always been satisfied. article