Celebrating the re-launch of Deleon Premium Tequila With Diddy

12 May Celebrating the re-launch of Deleon Premium Tequila With Diddy

Ralph Trionfo amd Sean CombsThis week we celebrated the successful re-launch of Deleon Tequila in the Metro New York Market with Sean Combs downtown at the Dream Hotel. Not only did we meet expectations but we exceeded all projected expectations on both new placements and volume. We spoke about building this brand together here in our hometown and managing its growth within the exploding Tequila category.  The commitment of Mr. Combs and the Diageo team to this brand was very clear to all that attended. The message Mr. Combs and his associates “influencers” give on social media to his broad audience are effective in creating brand recognition quickly becoming a “call brand”.

The package is a very elegant high-quality glass bottle engraved with the iconic logo and topped off with a Deleon’s signature sterling silver bottle stopper designed by famed jewelry designer Bill Wall. The cool stopper is solid, heavy and certainly gives a premium top-shelf impression. It also comes in handy to take shots!

I know Tequila and the “juice” in Deleon is delicious. I enjoy drinking it with my friends and have for years. Made from 100% highland Blue Weber agave, from the finest regions of Los Altos in Jalisco. The agave hearts are slowly roasted under the strict supervision of the master distiller to achieve a subtle and smooth taste profile. From the nose to the finish you enjoy a pleasant balance of black pepper spice, hints of vanilla and the sweet flavor of the roasted agave. #deleonnextlevel