helping others helped me | covid19

31 May helping others helped me | covid19

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During the most challenging year in my life, helping others helped me. A real bright spot during the early days of Covid19 was my long-standing relationships with local non-profit groups.

Growing up in Queens, New York near Elmhurst Hospital was never a big deal, until this year. The world was hurting, my neighbors needed help and thankfully there was assistance. Relief came in many forms including providing food and beverages to anyone that stepped-up. Many of our neighbors especially the elderly could not leave their home’s during the Corona Virus lockdown, so we went to them.

Serving my community with urgency, a sense of purpose, togetherness and just being able to do something was a big thing at the time. We packed food bags in Astoria for a weekly food pantry, we walked up to the nice lady on the 4th floor in Jackson Heights and handed out water and masks in Corona. We helped each other, it felt so good.