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31 May helping others helped me | covid19

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In the face of the most challenging year of his life, Ralph Trionfo discovered that the act of helping others not only became his guiding light but also provided a sense of purpose that fueled his unwavering commitment. Amid the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic, Trionfo found solace in the longstanding relationships he had cultivated with local non-profit groups, turning a year of adversity into a story of compassion and resilience.

As a native New Yorker deeply entrenched in both commercial real estate and the wine and liquor industry, Trionfo felt compelled to take action, especially given the severe impact of the pandemic on small businesses, particularly those in the hospitality industry. Leveraging his connections, he collaborated with local restaurants that were grappling with closures and financial struggles. The result was a heartening initiative to order hot meals, providing sustenance for those in need.

Growing up in Queens, near Elmhurst Hospital, took on newfound significance as Trionfo witnessed the pain of a hurting world and neighbors in dire need. Relief came in various forms, with a primary focus on distributing food and beverages to anyone requiring assistance, especially the elderly who were unable to leave their homes during the lockdown.

Serving the community with an urgent sense of purpose and togetherness became a beacon of hope during those challenging times. From packing food bags in Astoria for a weekly food pantry to personally delivering essentials like water and masks to residents in Jackson Heights and Corona, Trionfo’s actions reflected a community united in the face of adversity. The act of helping one another transcended mere assistance; it became a source of profound fulfillment.

In those moments of shared effort and compassion, Trionfo not only helped his community but found solace and fulfillment for himself. The story of his journey during Covid-19 serves as a testament to the transformative power of community bonds and the profound impact that a collective effort can have in times of crisis.