Can LIC handle this much growth?

19 Oct Can LIC handle this much growth?

Over the years, I’ve watched the transformation of the Long Island City Waterfront from way back to the original RFP back 18yrs ago. The views and the transportation options are fantastic, and as a Queens native, I’m proud. Recently I’ve had the opportunity to work with local business owners that have opened cool bars & restaurants to serve the local residents and of course, I help with the local artist community as well.

Simply put, I’ve always been a fan of all things LIC. Yes, I would love to build a project in LIC but this article below scares me. Try finding parking, try riding the subway at rush hour. Although I don’t reside in LIC I’m there often to understand these challenges.

Read the article on LIC Post hereHunters Point South :

I’m curious to get your feedback on what’s coming to Hunters Point South. You can check out the article and tap your input for the poll I tweeted below.