Northern Spain | the food ??

15 Sep Northern Spain | the food ??

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A trip to Northern Spain to explore the culinary delights of the Basque Country. While I was in the area as a guest of the prestigious winery Arinzano with the highest designation in Spain of Vino De Pago. The first night we had wonderful dinner with Manuel Louzada the winemaker after a private tasting at the estate. That feast including a thick steak and many bottles of vino that went way into the early morning.

After my time at the winery, I rented a car in Bilbao. I went off to explore Rioja and check out the scene at The San Mateo Festival in Logrono.

I stopped into as many places as possible to taste the traditional small plates known as pinchos aka pintxos. Starting off in Estrella at the luxurious wine estate of Arinzano then ending up in Logrono, the medieval capital of Rioja during the San Mateo Festival. We had a really cool time in Pamplona on a Thursday evening, its the best day to bar hop around the city famous for the running of the bulls. Juevincho as its called stands for Thursday&Pinchos. Thursday is when you meet your friends in town and go from bar to bar eating these small bites, sip wine and laugh with your friends. The street scene was thick with people of all ages coming together on these medieval streets and taste all the delicious options to munch on. 

Here are some pictures and videos of the foods and street scenes that I enjoyed.