Travel Channel finds Argentina in Queens NYC

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08 Aug Travel Channel finds Argentina in Queens NYC

It was a pleasure to support the father and son team of Mario and Marcello Civelli recently at El Gauchito the well-known Argentinian butcher shop and restaurant in Queens, NY.  Locals have known, that if you want authentic for from Argentina in NYC, this has been the go-to spot for over 32 years, that’s right 32 years! There are two dining rooms and an on-site butcher shop offering traditional cuts of beef, sausages, and their famous homemade empanadas.

Ralph & Marcello in the butcher shop like back in Argentina Marcello & Ralph in the butcher shop

El Gauchito is frequented by Argentinians and those who enjoy Argentinian food from near and far for dining in-house or to pick up an order for a party or BBQ. Located in Corona Queens, this is a convenient location to get your pastries, candies, shirts, and other novelties all in one place. Naturally, it’s also a fun place to watch soccer games.

Andrew Zimmern enjoying typical food from Argentina Andrew talking about the meals
food guys

Marcello Andrews and Ralph

Now the Travel Channel found out and will feature the restaurant on “Andrews List” with popular celebrity chef Andrew Zimmern. The TV show is about his personal list of favorite places and experiences that everyone should enjoy in various cities throughout the US. It was fun to be there for the filming while eating delicious food, drinking delicious wine, and meeting new friends! This is scheduled to air in the fall, stay tuned!

As a meat lover, I’ve been dining there for many years with my friends and family. My usual is skirt steak, sautéed spinach & potato salad (Entrana con acelga salteada con ajo y ensalada rusa), and a bottle of Malbec of course. Several years ago, I became their wine rep and started working closely with them on their carefully curated wine program. We became friends along the way.

Marcello and I had the chance to travel together to tour wineries in Mendoza, Argentina. We spent a few days exploring Buenos Aires which was fun. While there, we rented a scooter to zip around town. Marcello has local friends there who were gracious enough to show us around both the touristic sites and the hidden treasures as well. Then it was off to a busy agenda of touring wineries with the winemakers in Mendoza. I set up meetings, tours, and tastings at some of the most prestigious “bodegas” that I represent in Mendoza.

Mendoza Argentina meetings in Mendoza with Susana Balbo
Buenos Aires Argentina

Ralph & Marcello in Buenos Aires