My Art Basel 2016

09 Dec My Art Basel 2016

Art BaselAs a fan of Art, Music and a good party, Miami in December for Art Basel is a must! Its also nice to escape the cold of New York City and now that my mother lives right there next to Wynwood and the Art District – I’m there! As soon as I got off the plane with my crazy homeboy Orlando (who’s mom also calls Miami home) we met up with my boy David and walked straight into a club. The party was on.

It only took three days to get it all in. Quality time with mom, scoping out the exhibits at various shows, long walks and a lovely lunch full of laughs. However, my favorite part of Miami eluded me, no beach this time. I’ve always called Miami my second home and have been there multiple times a year for years, but this Art Basel thing has blown up to attract everyone from everywhere. Its a fun platform for artist, products, musicians and all the services that come with a multi-venue multi-day event. From massive tents on the beach to pop-up shows in a warehouse, the city is bumping with action. this is a major economic boom for the city and a traffic nightmare for locals and non-basel travelers.