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07 Apr TimeOut Market – Lisbon Portugal ??

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The TimeOut Food Market

Before our trip to explore Lisbon, Portugal for 3 nights in April, I did what I usually do; I ask everyone from there or that have been there that I know for tips and recommendations to get the most out of short time there. I also read guides and reviews and everyone made visiting The TimeOut Market a must. So After spending the day walking, and walking all over other must-see places, we landed at the market for a well-deserved dinner and bottle of wine. We all know food-courts are big deal these days. Real estate developers and celebrity chefs are joining forces to capitalize on this trend all over the world. Here in New York City, I’m aware of three existing venues coming on-line this year. The TimeOut group is also planning similar food courts in Boston, Miami and yep right here in NYC. The idea of curated the vendors with various top chefs under one roof in a community dining style venue is obviously appealing to many people.

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Since I’m in the hospitality business working closely with both new concept restaurants and many that have been fixtures for more than thirty years. Therefore, it was a treat to explore this market that many say kicked-off this pioneering dining concept. There’s nothing new about food courts, but this is an elevated experience for sure! The team at TimeOut Portugal won an RFP to run the facility which dates back to the 1890’s in 2010. TimeOut Market Lisboa is located within the former Mercado Da Ribeira along the Tagus river in the Cais do Sodre neighborhood and open in 2014. Lisbon is a vibrant and ancient port city, with a rich history of culture dating back to the Roman Era.


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We like options

Options are a good thing and a place where one can choose from 24 restaurants, eight bars and a few bakeries and craft shops, is a really good thing. As we walked around the space it was a busy Saturday evening going from one delicious option to the next from beef, to pasta, to fish to specialty soups. We chose beef. potatoes and a bottle of classic red wine from the Douro region of Portugal. This vendor was popular, it looked like a butcher shop, offering many cuts to choose from.


O Prego Da Peixaria

The beef was served in pita sandwiches with wedges of potatoes on the side. We sat at large table, I can tell some fellow dinners where tourist while many were locals. We were resting and in no rush, during the time we were at our table two different groups came and went. Of course, I was nosy (in a friendly complementary way of course) and asked what they got and what they thought. I really wanted to go back for the Asian soup and the fish that my neighbor was enjoying but that will have to wait until next time. We finished up and went directly to one of the pastry shops to make our sweet-tooths happy.


steak dinner & red wine

The overview

I can’t wait to go back one day! did I mention I’m in the restaurant business and I like options?  did I also mention this food hall houses the finest chefs and the best Portuguese food? The options, the quality the ambiance and the reasonable price confirms why this is LLisbon’snumber one tourist destination. You dine with locals, your enjoy authentic food and you’ll be totally satisfied. You may have to roam around looking for a spot to sit for a little while on a busy weekend evening, but its worth it.

The Market

Mercado Da Ribeira

I hope you enjoy my quick video that highlights our experience at The Time Out market, Lisboa.